Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond creating incredible adventures, Pelorus seeks to transform perspectives and, in collaboration with Pelorus Foundation, leave a legacy of impact. Pioneering a new era of luxury travel, Pelorus endeavours to prioritise and showcase sustainable travel, increasing the demand for the infrastructure that enables it. Championed through collective action, Pelorus ensures its values are shared by the people they work closely with around the world.

Pelorus are proud to be B Corporation certified, ensuring that as a business we are meeting high standards of social and environmental impact within a fully comprehensive and accountability framework. Whether it’s hands-on conservation or community engagement, the certification supports us in our continued efforts to accelerate the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for travel.

Clean Tech Travel

eVTOL landing on private yacht

With the emergence of new cutting-edge technology offering tangible ways to make journeys more sustainable, Pelorus is working to make these available to their clients and drive a new era of cleaner travel. Through strategic investments, collaboration with industry leaders, and a commitment to innovation, we're working to increase both the availability and demand for clean tech travel. Already offering a range of clean tech experiences, and in the process of sourcing and developing more, Pelorus aims to play a fundamental role in the scale of solutions working to decarbonise the travel industry including, but not limited to, electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, high-speed rail and hyperloop technology.

To accelerate this, Pelorus have partnered with Neste, the global leader in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production, to become one of the leaders in luxury experiential travel to offer clients the opportunity to purchase SAF. In doing so, Pelorus clients are able to contribute to the widespread adoption of one of the most advanced emission-reduction technologies available.

Carbon Removal

At Pelorus, we are committed to scaling carbon removal. In collaboration with the Pelorus Foundation and its Climate Investment Fund (CIF), we support a diverse portfolio of carbon removal projects. The fund invests in some of the world's leading start-up and grassroots projects, showcasing the future of innovative technologies that are encouraging the transition to more permanent carbon storage solutions, as well as supporting communities on the frontline of the climate crisis.

On each trip, Pelorus calculates the carbon emissions which is then balanced via Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund, a bespoke carbon removal portfolio that supports the scale of emerging technologies needed to accelerate climate action. From kelp carbon capture in Iceland to enhanced rock weathering in the UK, mangrove restoration in Kenya, regenerative agriculture in Indonesia and soil carbon sequestration in Mongolia. The Climate Investment Fund exists to showcase and scale some of the world’s leading nature, hybrid and technology-led carbon removal solutions through the sale of carbon credits.


Pelorus is on a mission to act as a catalyst, empowering individuals and local communities to preserve and protect the world’s wildlife and wild places for future generations. From fighting wildlife crime in the DRC, to protecting pangolins in Southern Africa, and driving sustainable fishing practices in Kenya, Pelorus is collaborating Pelorus Foundation to provide funding to the local communities protecting and preserving the world’s wildlife and wild places for future generations.

With each trip donating 1% to Pelorus Foundation’s diverse range of conservation projects, to the incorporation of high-impact conservation experiences, Pelorus is working to engage and empower our network to champion conservation and leave a lasting legacy in the places they visit.

Source Responsibly

Pelorus is committed to carefully and comprehensively considering the impact of each trip at every level, guided by Pelorus’ Responsible Travel Policy. Pelorus endeavours to uphold the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility, meaning Pelorus only works with suppliers who are committed to a similar vision. Pelorus’ goal is to cultivate a supply chain that is both transparent and committed to the Responsible Travel Policy.

Prioritise People

Upholding the highest level of social responsibility both internally and within our supply chain, Pelorus ensures that our experiences directly benefit local communities, leveraging the transformative power travel has to drive social development. In addition, Pelorus supports communities on the frontline of the climate crisis by purchasing credits from Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund.

While supporting the scale of carbon removal technologies, the CIF also invests in Plan Vivo certified credits—a standard internationally recognised for creating and leading a community-led carbon credit model directly impacting smallholder and subsistence farmers in regions most affected by climate change.

Pelorus’ Corporate Social Responsibly Strategy was created and developed by Pelorus Foundation, as part of their not-for-profit consultancy service helping businesses with their sustainability strategies.  All funds generated go towards supporting their frontline conservation work. Find out more here.

Planning an Experience

Do you want to have a positive impact in protecting our planet? We can create bespoke experiences built around your sustainable travel wishes.