The hyper-personal touch


Why is the Pelorus approach different? It’s our expertise in creating unforgettable journeys that makes us stand out. Our Travel and Yachting Designers, more akin to connoisseurs, weave together a tapestry of experiences designed to resonate deeply with each client.

In a world full of off-the-shelf itineraries, we’re shaking things up with our completely bespoke and boundary-pushing experiences. Breaking away from conventional travel tours and yacht charters, our Travel and Yachting Designers have mastered the art of hyper-personalisation, curating bespoke adventures that cater to the individual desires and dreams of our clientele.

Founded by former British Army officers, Pelorus was born out of a shared passion for exploration and adventure. Drawing upon their extensive backgrounds in special operations, global travel, and luxury yachting, Geordie and Jimmy envisioned a company that could provide high-net-worth travellers with unparalleled access to the world's most remote and exclusive destinations, while simultaneously delivering a level of personalised service that surpasses expectations.

Here's how we do it.

understanding the "why"

“Personalisation is getting to know the client and their intent. What do they want to achieve from it?” (Jimmy Carroll)

 Before crafting the perfect itinerary, we take the time to understand the "why" behind the trip. What is motivating you to travel? Are you celebrating a special occasion? Seeking cultural immersion? Pushing your physical limits? By delving into these motivations, our experts ensure every element aligns with the client's vision. 

With this knowledge, we can find the perfect location, pair with it amazing accommodations or yachts, and layer on incredible experiences that all serve your “why”.

“One trip earlier this year [2023] we had an 86-year-old who's a massive motorbike fan, his son who's 57 and a world Iron Man champion, and then his grandson who's 22, and we took them on an epic biking road trip around Portugal.  

Another we did was in October [2023] to British Columbia for a client who is a big Burning Man fan. They want to have the greatest sensory experience that you could imagine, so we had an IMAX sound technician to record the sounds of the water, the animals, the rainforest. When the client came for the trip, we had headphones laid out on a floating pontoon that we put out into the ocean. When they were in the water, they could watch orcas whilst listening to these amplified sounds, or in the rainforest hear the sounds of a bear catching a salmon. For the client, that natural experience is now driven into their ears in the most intense way.” (Jimmy Carroll)

Tailored escapes: our artisanal approach to service

“Clients are now looking for more and more, and that is hyper-personalisation. We’re seeing it now with luxury brands at every element, but what does that really mean when it comes to going on a trip? We delve into our clients and understand them. We meet them on their turf and see how they live their lifestyle, and from that we can really personalise trips.” (Jimmy Carroll)

Forgoing pre-packaged experiences, we opt instead for a completely bespoke approach. Imagine an African safari that goes beyond the typical 4x4 drives and safari camps. Our Travel Designers might create a stargazing experience in the remote Sossusvlei dunes in the company of expert guides or take you to meet local tribes in Kenya where you can take part in their warrior games. Or, forgo well-worn sailing routes in Indonesia to instead snorkel with manta rays and hammerheads, explore cascading waterfalls, and experience some of the best surf breaks.

At the core of Pelorus' ethos is a commitment to understanding the individual preferences and aspirations of each client. Unlike traditional travel agencies or yacht brokers that offer limited pre-packaged itineraries, we take a collaborative approach, working closely with each client to design tailor-made experiences that reflect their unique interests, whether it's embarking on a wildlife expedition in Antarctica, heli-skiing in the rugged mountains of British Columbia, or exploring the untouched landscapes of Papua New Guinea by superyacht. 

What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to fulfilling every client's wishes, no matter how extravagant or unconventional. From securing exclusive access to private islands and luxury yachts to organising bespoke cultural experiences with local tribes, we go above and beyond to ensure that each journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

“When invited to a client’s home in California, I was walking around and noticed a common theme of coastlines in her artwork. She never brought this up in travel planning sessions, but when we were creating a three-year travel plan for her to go to all the different environments, we started looking at coastal regions around the world, from where the jungle meets the coastline to Alaska where the glaciers are carving into the ocean. When we were pitching to her, she was blown away by it. She's like, "How did you pick that up?" That would never have come about without going and visiting her at her home. I think when you're getting into that level of granularity, that is true luxury personalisation.” (Jimmy Carroll)

And for those who would like to add an additional layer of purpose to their trip, Pelorus Foundation’s bespoke philanthropic service works to discover high-impact conservation in the destinations you’re visiting. Weave dynamic conservation experiences into your trip, spend time with people who have an infectious belief in – and commitment to – a better world, and ultimately leave a legacy in the places you visit.

From fighting wildlife crime in the Democratic Republic of Congo and protecting pangolins in Southern Africa to driving sustainable fishing practices in Kenya, Pelorus is collaborating with Pelorus Foundation to provide funding to the local communities protecting and preserving the world’s wildlife and wild places for future generations.

A tri-lateral approach

We bring in the best of travel, yachting, and aviation to maximise your destination and incorporate exciting activities that push the boundaries of what you thought possible, offering more than any other traditional travel or yacht brokerage company.

By harnessing the combined power of these three pillars, we can offer clients unparalleled flexibility and access to some of the world’s most remote and exclusive destinations. Whether it’s exploring hidden coves and shipwrecks aboard a luxury yacht, embarking on a two-wheeled exploration of Oman, or accessing remote wilderness areas via private aircraft, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your journey is meticulously curated to cater to your individual preferences and desires. This unique integration of travel, yachting, and aviation not only enhances the level of personalisation but also provides you with the freedom to craft your own bespoke adventures, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

A commitment to service

Our service is unmatched. Our expert Travel and Yachting Designers have decades of experience and are available 24/7, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience throughout the journey. They handle every detail, from securing last-minute restaurant reservations to arranging private guides with unparalleled knowledge.

Beyond them, we have a carefully curated black book of contacts – from pro surfers and wilderness guides to Olympic athletes and Michelin-starred chefs – who will turn your experience into something extraordinary. With an intimate knowledge of the world’s most remote corners and skills only few possess, we’ll bring a selection of these experts into the fold to make your trip something to remember.

In an era where luxury is often synonymous with excess, we emphasise quality over quantity and authenticity over extravagance. By redefining luxury travel through hyper-personalisation, we offer a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary, allowing clients to embark on unforgettable journeys that are tailor-made to their wildest dreams and deepest desires.

A taste of Pelorus

We've created some incredible experiences for our clients. The below are just a sample of what our Travel and Yachting Designers are capable of, so get in touch to start crafting your own bespoke journey.

  • We worked to develop a unique itinerary for our clients (a father and daughter duo) who were looking to explore New Zealand through a unique new lens. Drawing on her interests and school curriculum, we took learning to the next level – going beyond the classroom, she navigated a helicopter, sheared sheep on a working station and met with one of the only female Māori tribal leaders on North Island, receiving a personalised carving that had been designed for her – all before starting high school.

  • For a games and puzzles-loving family of 6, we elevated their love for escape rooms to another level by creating a real-life treasure hunt across Costa Rica. Chartering a yacht, they followed a pirate’s map along the coastline, with clues and local characters bringing the adventure to life until they uncovered the lost treasure.

  • A client shared that her motivation for travelling to Africa was due to having donated to a women-led anti-poaching unit many years ago, and we worked to design her itinerary so that on her return, she would be able to participate in conservation activities being carried out on the ground by Team Lioness in Kenya, an all-women team of rangers serving as the first line of defence against poachers in this area.

  • Our clients mentioned they had a particular interest in craft beers, and so we arranged for them to stop by a home brewery in Paro, Bhutan, where they met with a local brewer who specialises in tongba (a distinct local flavour) for a surprise lesson in how to brew their own artisanal drinks.

  • Following a multi-generational families’ motorbike tour through Portugal, they arrived home to an exquisitely painted map by a local artist from Porto, detailing their route and depicting highlights from the journey.

  • A group of enthusiastic photographers challenged us to exceed their expectations in Svalbard, and we rose to the occasion – bringing in award-winning professional landscape and wildlife photographers for a series of masterclasses in snowscapes and how to capture wildlife in this unique icy environment, all aboard an expedition yacht.


If you'd like to find out more about our offerings, please get in touch.

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