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12 March 2024

Pioneering luxury travel and yachting, we are delighted to announce the launch of Pelorus Aviation, an experiential aviation brand that will drive exciting, innovative and sustainable air solutions for Pelorus clients and the aviation sector.

introducing our new venture

Multi-dimensional travel experiences that see the world from air, land, and sea have always been a core part of Pelorus’ DNA and, following consistent demand from clients for more inventive air-borne experiences, we are venturing into this sector. Our expert team will now be able to create even more opportunities in the air for clients, as well as offering them access to aircraft charter options, and the Pelorus team will direct clients towards using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) wherever possible.

Through strategic investments, Pelorus Aviation is actively involved in the development of Lighter Than Air (LTA) vehicles, such as airships, that are working towards a low carbon footprint. Investing in organisations such as OceanSky Cruises, a company at the forefront of developing the most energy-efficient aerial vehicle, we will contribute to the industry's evolution towards cleaner aviation alternatives. Guests will be able to venture on an airship expedition with Pelorus Aviation from 2026.

Additional advice and best practice alignment is ongoing with aviation industry leaders, such as VRCO and Gayo Aviation, helping to ensure responsible innovation in the development of electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOLs) vehicles and electric seaplanes. These flight modes will eventually replace the need for helicopters, and in some cases will become the future flying taxi system to connect cities and countries, revolutionising aviation and ushering in a new era of sustainable luxury air travel. For now, we are focused on building these vehicles into yachting and travel itineraries, helping guests to land on yachts or in very remote areas in a more sustainable way.

All of this air activity is supported by Pelorus’ partnership with Neste, the global leader of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production, that will allow Pelorus clients to contribute to the wide-spread adoption of one of the most advanced emission reduction technologies available today. Alternatively, Pelorus clients can capture their carbon through the Pelorus Foundation Climate Investment Fund, which supports a portfolio of Blue, Soil, Forest and Tech based projects worldwide.

Brand new experiences

Guests enjoying these new aviation experiences can expect turboprop flying safaris across Antarctica, heli safaris in central Africa, and heli skiing in remote locations and a range of other experiences.

Southern Africa with OceanSky Cruises

Gliding at an altitude of 1000ft above the ground, this airborne safari around the Tropic of Capricorn promises to be unlike any other. The airship will first meander from the Skeleton Coast towards Victoria Falls and then back around, traveling westwards and touching down in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Feel the crunch of the salt underfoot, and revel in the deafening silence of the vast Makgadikgadi, one of the largest salt pans in the world, renowned for its dazzling number of zebras and inquisitive meerkat.

Be transported down the intricate network of waterways of the Okavango Delta, floating along in traditional dugout canoes while your expert guide shares stories of life in the wild, and elephants drink along the riverbanks.

The beauty of this expedition is its ability to reach the unreachable without any impact to the wildlife and communities encountered on the way; it provides an extraordinary experience for even the most expert safari-goer.

Above and Beyond: Discovering New Zealand

New Zealand's diverse landscapes and attractions make it an ideal destination for private jet travel, allowing for seamless exploration of both the North and South Islands. Coupled with the use of Pelorus Aviation’s preferred twin-engine helicopters, the voyage becomes seamless, minimising travel time and maximising your experience. Guests will explore the Bay of Islands, a coastal enclave of over 140 islands teeming with life, and visit the Kawiti caves by yacht to witness thousands of glow worms at night.

The adventure continues with a scenic exploration of Cape Reinga and a helicopter flight to the natural harbour of Whangaroa. Then comes a day of cultural experiences in Lake Rotoiti where guests will receive a traditional pōwhiri, a revered Māori welcoming ceremony, before settling in at Huka Lodge and enjoying beautiful views over the Waikato River some of the best fishing in the region.

Guests can delve into the heart of volcanic activity with an exploration of Mount Tarawera with a volcanologist and a scenic flight over White Island before concluding the day with an exploration of the geothermal wonders of Orakei Korako. The trip continues, exploring the South Island on an epic Fiordland heli-safari, touching down at Skippers Tarns for a dining experience with a private chef. Explore the untamed beauty with scenic hikes and thrilling adventures, including a private jet boat and an ice climbing expedition on the Tasman Glacier.

Want to find out more about Pelorus Aviation?

Head over to pelorusaviation.com and discover our pioneering aviation experiences, charters, and sustainable solutions that are transforming perspectives of the world.

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