Maddie Thorpe

Events & Partnership Manager

Since studying Philosophy at Newcastle University, Maddie’s career has seen a combination of Events and Partnerships. More recently, two years of experience working for the Partnerships team for Saracens Rugby Club. With family all around the world, Maddie has been visiting North America since she was a child as well as travelling around Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa. Having grown up with regular trips to the French Alps, Maddie is a keen skier, hiker and swimmer. Outside of travelling, seeing friends and family and watching rugby and cricket, Maddie spends her time painting, watching sunsets and finding undiscovered restaurant gems and markets throughout London.

Relentlessly positive with a strong focus on relationship building, Maddie is excited to venture into the Luxury Travel industry in her new role as Events and Partnerships Manager.

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

I think this has to be seeing two prides of lions on Safari in Kenya. I was sitting on the edge of a Land Rover on the last day of the trip, when a male lion walked about a meter from me around the car. A few moments later he was joined by another male lion, two females and around six cubs. Having not seen lions ever before, this was definitely one of the most surreal moments I have ever had. Just one highlight of many during an unsupported road trip taken with a group of friends.

Top of your travel bucket list?

Iceland, Jamaica and Italy. Although a random combination, these have been on my bucket list for some time!

Who is your ultimate travel partner?

This has to be my closest friend Tara. We have known each other for seven years now, living together throughout university and for three years most recently in London. She is probably the only person I can spend a prolonged period of time with so would definitely be my one and only travel partner!

Want to get in touch?

To contact Maddie please email or give her a call.